Torsion of a cryptorchidism testicle in a toddler | Ilyas | Uro-Technology Journal

Torsion of a cryptorchidism testicle in a toddler

Faisal Ilyas, Maria Aslam, Shahid Ali, Muhammad Irfan Nazir


Undescended testis and testicular torsion are rare clinical entities. Symptoms can be confusing and may be interpreted as signs of other more common conditions. Furthermore, late recognition of undescended testis can significantly delay diagnosis and lead to adverse outcomes. Here we present the case of a 2-year-old toddler who presented with painful right-sided groin swelling and an empty scrotal sac. Intraoperatively, a torsion of the undescended testis was confirmed and an orchiectomy of the right testis and an orchidopexy of the left side were performed. This case report also highlights the importance of early diagnosis of testicular torsion and prompt surgical intervention.

Keywords: Orchiectomy, testicular torsion, urological emergency, orchidopexy

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