Biological age from a pathological perspective | Ladiges | Aging Pathobiology and Therapeutics

Biological age from a pathological perspective

Warren Ladiges


Biological age has the potential of providing a glimpse of the health of older people, as it may be less or more than chronological age. Assessment of DNA methylation has been shown to correlate with increasing age, but the correlation with aging phenotypes is still being studied. Therefore, knowing how a person responds to aging on a pathological basis would be a logical and justifiable approach to gaining more insight into what biological age means. An age-related lesion grading system called geropathology has been developed for animal models that can be quantitatively correlated with chronological age to provide translational information for human studies. However, geropathology platforms are not yet appreciated as impactful areas of aging research so more research funding is needed to move this concept forward.
Keywords: Biological age, geropathology, age-related lesion, chronological age

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