Myocardial Cell Aging in the Elderly | Li | Aging Pathobiology and Therapeutics

Myocardial Cell Aging in the Elderly

Wenxi Li, Feng Liu


Myocardial cell aging is closely related to cardiovascular disease. Stimulated by various factors, such as free fatty acid, glucose, hypoxia and radiation,cardiomyocyte aging involves a series of physiological and/or pathological changes. Cardiomyocytes are highly energy-consuming cells. Aging causes direct damage to cardiomyocytes, resulting in decreased myocardial contractility and reduced cardiac output, which affects the pumping function of the heart and eventually leads to heart failure. This article introduces the factors that influence myocardial cell aging in the elderly and the mechanisms responsible for these factors as well as provides suggestions for improving cardiovascular health and  precise medicine of cardiovascular diseases in the elderly.

Keywords: myocardial cell aging; influencing factors; related mechanisms

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