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Animal Health and Therapy Reports - Message from the Editor-in-Chief

Dear potential contributors and readers:

On behalf of the Editorial Board (EB) members, I want to welcome you to a new initiative – Online journal under the title Animal Health and Therapy Reports–AHTR ( As a flattered chosen Editor-in-Chief (EiC) for this journal, I would like to encourage you to contribute to an exchange of information through scientific publications relevant to the general scope and social mandate of animal health. The field of animal health and its research has progressed and evolved to utilize many interdisciplinary science approaches and novel tools, and if we want to maintain and continue this progress it is essential that sharing and demonstrations of these advancements are needed. The animal health sector bridge several sectors such as public health, environmental health, and the large field of human health that is related to the preferences and choices of food intake. A trend in the current scientific publication avenue is, every so often, to focus on topics of animal health of specific disciplines with the result that interdisciplinary “out of the box” observations are wedged when it comes to publications. The start of the AHTR journal can fill this void and I am convinced that publications on interdisciplinary topics of animal health sciences will have an impact on the scientific community and society.
The intention for AHTR is to extend the digital scientific communication among the various disciplines within animal health topics with a belief that the science of animal health can serve well in utilizing interdisciplinary approaches to solve complex issues related to food, health, and the environment. The AHTR format is an interface where basic and applied research can initiate and be informed by evaluations of practice changes in animal health management. This journal addresses prophylactic and treatment measures for animal disease and other health-related issues that impact the health status of both small and large animal species. The scope of AHTR is unique by addressing the animal health issues in a broad way by encouraging publications of interdisciplinary approaches within the sectors such as small animal medicine and surgery, large animal medicine and surgery, food-producing medicine, population veterinary medicine, production medicine, aquatic medicine, animal husbandry for animal health, animal health economics, animal health policy and strategies, animal health information systems, animal disease management, risk assessment, small and large animal hospital management among others. Wide and diversified editorial board members were chosen to maintain the general scope of this journal (see the list of editorial board members in We believe that AHTR is the meeting place to inspire a new network of interdisciplinary scientists and animal health professionals. AHTR is able to address the wicked problems in managing animal health for sustainable societies are addressed by integrating unique methods and advances from a companion, wildlife, and production animal research. The AHTR is an open access, peer-reviewed, international journal available in print and online. More detailed information about the journal like the structure of the journal, Publication Charge, Open Access Policy, etc. can be found at
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Mo Salman on behalf of the entire Editorial Board members.

Mo Salman, DVM, MPVM, PhD, DACVPM, F.A.C.E
Animal Health and Therapy Reports
Received: 22 April 2022 / Accepted: 13 May 2022

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