A case of perinatal cardiomyopathy | Ding | Clinical Surgery Research Communications

A case of perinatal cardiomyopathy

Ying Ding, Wei-Liang Jiang, Bin Wen, Yang He, Tao Zhu


Background: Peripartum cardiomyopathy (PPCM) is rare heart disease that threatens the lives of pregnant women.

Patient: In the current report, we reported a case of a 40-week pregnant patient with PPCM.

Diagnoses: The patient was diagnosed with PPCM.

Intervention: The patient underwent emergency cesarean section and received other supportive treatments, mainly including cardiotonic, diuretic, bromocriptine, hemodialysis, improvement of cardiac function, blood-pressure-lowering, hepatic protection, supplementing albumin, delactation, promoting uterine contraction, the noninvasive ventilator-assisted ventilation improved oxygen delivery and CRRT reduced cardiac load. 

Outcomes: The relative clinical symptoms have significantly become better after 58 days treatment and the patient has discharged.

Lessons: This case emphasized the significance of early diagnosis of PPCM in pregnant women.

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