Liang Wang, MD, PhD
Liu Feng


Professor, Chief Physician, Director of Geriatric Cardiovascular Medicine, Director of Geriatric Department, PHD Tutor, Second Affiliated Hospital of South China University of Technology (Guangzhou First People's Hospital).


Sun Yat-sen Medical University, Master


Professor Liu Feng has served in Guangzhou First People's Hospital for more than 30 years and he is the director of Geriatrics Department of Guangzhou First People's Hospital. He is an expert in geriatrics and cardiovascular disease and he is master's supervisor.


▪Projects of Guangdong Provincial Department of health.
▪Projects of Guangdong Provincial Administration of traditional Chinese medicine and scientific research.
▪Projects of China hypertension alliance.
▪Survey of health status of the elderly in Guangzhou, and the related research of hypertension, hyperlipidemia and coronary heart disease.


Excellent Doctor in Guangzhou.
Member of the Standing Committee of the geriatric branch of Guangdong Medical Association.
The young and middle-aged Standing Committee of the geriatric branch of Chinese Medical.
The chairman of the osteoporosis branch of Guangdong Medical Association.
The member of the cardiovascular branch of Guangdong Medical Association.
The standing member of the osteoporosis branch of Chinese Medical Association.
Chairman of the osteoporosis branch of Guangzhou Medical Association.


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